The artichoke has long been considered highly beneficial food for health. Recent studies have also shown that eating it regularly makes it a natural medicine for the liver, diabetes, constipation and for the prevention of cancer.

Its highly diuretic and depurative properties and rich composition of vitamins and iron make this vegetable an indispensable ingredient in healthy diets. The options for cooking it are endless – whether boiled, baked, battered or in different sauté dishes, rice and salads.

Other interesting notes

There are artichoke-only diets endorsed by well-respected professionals.

Extracts from the fibres are used in cosmetics as an ingredient for tonics and lotions.

When to eat it

CRICKET’s natural artichoke growing season runs from November to the end of April. And new varieties and forms of cultivation now mean that it can be available all year round.

Our products

Cricket’s produce is the fruit of the work of many hands, of good soil, of a perfect climate and the harmonious interaction between tradition and innovation which forms part of our DNA. The result? Bringing authentic, natural flavours into people’s homes, where variety, quality and respect for the environment come together on the table.