Let's take care of that which takes care of us

At Cricket, we champion the idea of well-being as a way of being and acting. Well-being means being at peace with the countryside, its produce, the environment and, of course, our health.

We feed
your well-being

Maximum quality, freshness and care for every detail – from planting right through to your table… all year round. Fruits and vegetables that grow naturally, without forcing the producing processes, to guarantee the properties that make you feel good.

Eating well
means living well

Remember the advice “5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day”? It’s not just a phrase; it’s actually the easiest and most pleasurable way of living healthily. At Cricket we strive to help you enjoy a healthy, complete and balanced diet… with its full flavour.

Re-discover the

Some foods especially help prevent disease and help your body function better. These days they are known as superfoods. But we still like to call them broccoli, cabbage, pumpkin, artichoke and kale. And we grow them just as they have always been grown.


Eat the way
you think

There is no doubt that a healthy body helps develop a healthy mind. We also think that a healthier way of thinking means that we will eat better. Let’s work together to create more sustainable production, take better care of the environment, and build a cleaner future… “Corpore sano in mens sana”?