Cricket bio

CRICKET’s brand of organic products was born out of our concern for the natural environment and our ability to adapt to meet a full range of needs. Keeping on top of market trends helps us see that consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and at the same time feel committed to the environment.

CRICKET BIO-branded products are backed by the EU’s organic certificate. This guarantees that the products are 100% from organic farming that respects the environment without using synthetic chemicals. Each autonomous community in Spain has its own control bodies that periodically conduct inspections and audits to ensure that regulations are complied with. In Murcia, the body responsible for these is Caerm (the Council of Ecological Agriculture of the Region of Murcia). The CRICKET BIO brand provides organic broccoli and cauliflower from November to June.

Cricket Bio Soups

Innovation enables us to offer consumers healthy products while demonstrating our connection with the environment by maximising the use of our products. As brassica specialists, we decided to add a new range of products to our portfolio: a line of organic soups under the CRICKET BIO brand. These vegetable soups have a smooth, light, creamy texture with a pleasant aroma and are made with 100% natural ingredients. This range currently includes broccoli and cauliflower options, both of which are presented in 500g bottle format – a convenient, light and sustainable format that can be enjoyed at any time. Simply heat it up!

Crema de coliflor bio

Sustainability and the environment

As a brand, CRICKET is committed to the environment for both its organic and conventional products. For this reason, we use sustainable development criteria throughout our crop production processes, and promote the rational use of natural resources to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems. We ensure a sustainable and regenerative agriculture that takes into account the water resources available to us as well as caring for the soil. To make sure that this commitment is embedded into our practices and supported by all staff, we make sure they all fully understand it and we involve them in implementing new improvements – such as recycling of waste, recovery and conservation of natural spaces and reducing pollution.

Cricket Quality

Our organic varieties are selected according to the conditions of the land to guarantee a superior quality product. We have different producing areas so that we can provide our products almost all year round. Organic crops follow a production process that respects the environment and enables us to meet our objectives: that is, to obtain fresh, healthy produce, with the same flavour and texture as if it were conventionally produced.

The CRICKET BIO brand provides organic broccoli and cauliflower from November to June.