How do you plant the future?

When in 1989 the towns were emptying out, in this family we decided that the countryside and horticultural products still had a great future. And we decide how to sow that future. We chose to bet on a healthy and natural diet. We choose ideal lands and climates for each product: Murcia, Almería, Albacete, Granada… And we choose to do it with the highest quality, because we knew that you would never stop choosing it.

Cricket Productos Hortícolas

Quality yesterday, today and tomorrow

Quality is everything. From working the land without over-stressing it through to protecting our products as they make their way around the world. Quality is about respecting time and not rushing. Working together. Celebrating every step. Keeping all the best traditions and adding only the best aspects of technology. Because quality does not have a use-by date. Quality is a way of being. A way of doing things.

to the future

The fields will still be here, generation after generation. But what we do with them will determine what they give us in the future. Our best legacy is to keep improving every day and take good care of our fields, processes and people.

into the ecosystem

We work on sustainable and regenerative agriculture, which takes into account the surrounding ecosystem: water resources, biodiversity, climate, habitability… A commitment to the environment in which we live, and to the society in which we like to live.

to our team

We are a family business based on simple, honest and lasting relationships. And we want to continue being that way. That’s why everyone we work with, inside and outside of Cricket, embraces this common goal: to improve the health and well-being of those who choose us together.


for tradition

Being farmers means enjoying working with your hands. It’s how we take good care of what we do and ensure that our results take care of people. We maintain traditions that define where we have come from. And we champion the use of innovation without tricks or shortcuts, with the certainty of knowing where we’re heading.


Milestones: timeline

Make food production more humane, also as an export company. Think about everything we do from the point of view of health and well-being. These are our commitments. And these are some of the people who, at Cricket, worked to make them a reality.

Safety is what we provide

Knowing what you are eating. Knowing that it is doing you good. Knowing how it is produced. The protocols and certifications awarded to Cricket – including GlobalGAP, BRC, IFS and Nature’s Choice – provide our millions of consumers in almost 40 countries with the quality assurance for all our produce, from source, along with food safety practices throughout the production process.

Innovation is our passion

At Cricket, the ideas never stop. Researching, testing, evolving, adapting… these are part of our DNA because every innovation – whether it’s using more sustainable materials and formats or developing processes that avoid food waste – improves the countryside and does everyone good.


Cauliflower is a complete food on its own: it provides fibre, has a high content of vitamin C and B, is rich in sodium and potassium, and helps prevent anaemia, colon cancer, tumours, etc...

White Cabbage

Flat cabbage is a variety of cabbage that is made up mainly of water, meaning that it is low in calories. It is highly nutritious due to containing high levels of minerals and vitamins (A and C).


Kale is a green leafy vegetable that is part of the brassica family. It is also known as collard greens or leaf cabbage. Much appreciated in the kitchen, kale is a highly versatile vegetable that can be cooked or eaten raw.

Cricket's test fields

Space, time and a unique team of specialists. Our three test fields – which are used for researching varieties, cultivation methods, packaging and materials – are a leading laboratory in agri-food innovation. They are where the healthiest food of the future is born.

Growing with our environment

United to promote the best of our land, at Cricket we participate with associations such as ProExport and +Brócoli in promoting the export and marketing of Spanish vegetables throughout the world. We also collaborate with the Murcian Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Development, joining forces to research new varieties of horticultural products that will strengthen the future of the Murcian countryside.