The field knows

When you’ve been talking to them for over 30 years, the fields reveal their secrets. If you look after them, they look after you. And if you plant with affection, affection will grow. This is nothing new but these are simple truths that we at Cricket don’t allow ourselves to forget. Remembering that the earth holds memories, and that the things you do for it today will be returned to you tomorrow. That living from the land means thinking of the thousands of people – wherever they are – who eat what the fields provide. And that every person who chooses to take care of him or herself while caring for nature is wise.

Cricket El campo sabe

From our fields to plates around the world

Cricket’s produce is the fruit of the work of many hands, of good soil, of a perfect climate
and the harmonious interaction between tradition and innovation which forms part of our DNA. The result? Bringing
authentic, natural flavours into people’s homes, where variety and quality come together on the table.

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